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Custom Professional Development

Move your team to the next level with professional development.

Give your facilitators the tools they need to increase professionalism and impact on young people with engaging, active learning facilitated by a Dibble Training Specialist.

Suggested Topics

This engaging workshop will help your educators learn and apply techniques so they can be even more effective in their work with youth. Participants will learn how to:

  • Read the room
  • Engage everyone in learning
  • Deal with classroom challenges
  • Structure workshops for maximum impact.

Healthy relationships education includes many sensitive topics…. teen sex, unplanned pregnancy, dating violence, and family formation to name a few. This professional development workshop will give your facilitators knowledge and skills so that they can comfortably and confidently field questions and address complicated subjects. Participants will:

  • Identify common sensitive topics
  • Understand the rationale as to why sensitive issues are addressed in healthy relationship education materials.
  • Deliver sensitive curriculum content using appropriate language and empowering practices
  • Respond to questions on sensitive issues based on knowledge of the curriculum and current research

This professional development opportunity will give your facilitators a better understanding of current youth culture. Participants will apply this new information to their facilitation work. Participants will learn:

  • Current research on the adolescent brain, youth culture, and behavioral norms.
  • How youth culture and healthy relationship education can work synergistically.
  • How to deliver relationship education to youth by creating a safe place with realistic expectations
  • What inspires youth and how to engage them.

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