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Training to meet your needs and your budget

Improve your outcomes with Dibble’s professional, hands-on curriculum training, professional development, and technical assistance services. We will assist you in strengthening your program implementation, delivery, and success!

Meet the Team

Research and Evaluation Consultant

I have been a participant and evaluator of lots of training, and I can say as a professional researcher and program evaluator you are by far one of the very best. Keep on doing what you do because it works.


I  was so impressed with the sessions and their training style. The materials were great, and the sessions were engaging. Especially in this time, it was so well done.


I really enjoyed the energy from the trainers. They kept it fun and engaging. You could tell they were passionate about the curriculum!


The trainers did an outstanding job! When our team was researching new EBP curricula to deliver to the youth in our communities, I was a bit overwhelmed. After this training it all came together so well, I felt a connection, and I am now looking forward to delivering Love Notes to the youth in our County! Thank you!

Program Manager

The instructors did a phenomenal job of modeling how to use the virtual tools to teach the class and even worked quickly to address the challenges that could take place in the virtual world.

The Trainers did a great job every day, the language they use is wonderful and non-discriminatory.
Program Manager

“Loved the energy, the jokes, and time management. Zoom burnout is real – but this training was done in a way that felt engaging!


What an incredible teaching duo! Despite the training being virtual, their strengths, knowledge, and teaching abilities were clearly and professionally executed.

Programs Coordinator
The trainers were absolutely delightful!