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Second Wednesday Webinar

October 11, 2023

Three Years Later: The Impact of Relationship Smarts Plus on Youth in Georgia

What happens when you teach teens to navigate their romantic relationships? Is there a difference between boys and girls? Does dose or content matter?

Join Drs. Alamillo and Doran of Mathematica as they share the insights of a randomized study of Georgia students who participated in two versions of the Relationship Smarts PLUS program.


What Has Longitudinal Research on Teen Dating Violence Taught Us?
For a long time, intimate partner violence in the United States was considered a private matter that was best handled behind closed doors, not one that warranted support and intervention from the criminal justice system. Taken together, decades of research expanded our knowledge about patterns of dating relationships, aspects of problematic relationship dynamics and conflicts, and the social ecology of adolescent and young adult dating relationships, including family and neighborhood characteristics.
How Teenage “Puppy Love” Impacts Adult Relationships Later
“For decades, people regarded adolescent relationships as fleeting or flings, nothing very relevant,” says Manfred van Dulmen, PhD, a professor of psychological sciences at Kent State University. “Yet it’s become apparent that adolescent romantic relationships are really meaningful and have long-lasting impacts.” Through interviews, questionnaires, love scales, cross-cultural and minority-group comparisons, and nationwide longitudinal studies, psychologists have found that teen love is real and profound, plus something else: potentially life-shaping.
Can We Help Young Brains Fight Off Anxiety?
Anxiety is one of the most common childhood mental disorders. About 7% of children suffer from it at any given time, with nearly 1 in 3 adolescents experiencing it sometime during their teen years. New research suggests that training children in managing upsets may hold promise for preventing anxiety later in their lives.
Healthy Relationships for Younger Teens

Dibble works with younger teens to teach them healthy relationship skills early in their lives.

Healthy Relationships for Older Teens & Young Adults

Dibble’s materials teach teens and young adults how to be successful in friendships, dating, and love.

Approaches to Addressing Trauma
Dibble’s curriculum helps people of all ages take charge of their emotions and improve their states of minds and relationships.

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