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SPECIAL WEBINAR: Emerging Relationships: Preparing for Healthy Relationships

Online Webinar

Emerging Relationships: Preparing for Healthy Relationships Join authors Alyssa McElwain and Vanessa Finnegan as they discuss their new program Emerging Relationships: Preparing for Healthy Relationships. Emerging Relationships, uses a positive youth development framework to equip 5th and 6th graders with skills to enhance their safety, stability, and well-being. In just six lessons, ‘tweens learn to say “yes” to their goals and “no” to the risky behaviors that can get in their way! The program’s lessons teach youth personal responsibility, emotional competence, healthy development, healthy relationships, avoiding risk-taking, and how to share with others what they have learned. Objectives - Participants will: Learn the science and framework behind Emerging Relationships Recognize the importance of teaching relationship education to ‘tweens’ Develop an understanding of the key learning objectives and concepts of Emerging Relationships Presenters: Alyssa D. McElwain, Ph.D. and Vanessa Finnegan, Ph.D. Who should attend: Relationship educators, positive youth development professionals, community...

WEBINAR: Centering Youth Voice Using Peer Facilitators in Relationship Education to Engage and Empower Youth

Online Webinar

Centering Youth Voice Using Peer Facilitators in Relationship Education to Engage and Empower Youth Join Kelley Luckett and Daiya Thompson of the Louisville YMCA as they discuss lessons learned over the last two years of implementing Love Notes in Teen Vibe Camps using peer facilitators. Teen Vibe Camps, offer a transformative blend of summer camp nostalgia and comprehensive curriculum sessions. Through activities like podcasting, music, and social media graphics, these camps foster a sense of community and belonging. Statistical evidence showcases significant shifts in positive identity markers among attendees, particularly among LGBTQ+ youth, who form trusted adult connections and show higher program engagement. Complementing this approach is an innovative Peer Facilitator model, which introduces youth as Love Notes facilitators. Peer facilitators excel in building trust, fostering community, and encouraging participation outscoring adult facilitators in quality observation scores. Through a dual-track system involving collaboration with local high schools and self-selection from...

WEBINAR: “But you know I’m just like you, right?” Exploring Adolescent Dating and Disability

Online Webinar

"But you know I'm just like you, right?" Exploring Adolescent Dating and Disability Join Dr. Heidi Rueda as she discusses her research on adolescent dating and disability. She will explore young people with disabilities’ romantic and sexual experiences highlighting the unique challenges and assets across the stages of relationships (initiation, sustainment, and termination). She will also cover dating and sexual violence prevention along with pregnancy and parenting considerations. She will highlight how, through advocacy, parents and educators can help young people with various types of disabilities obtain sexual citizenship via comprehensive sexual health education plus tailored dating and sexual health resources. The qualitative data for this webinar came from interviews with social workers who served children and adolescents with disabilities, as well as from interviews with young adults with disabilities and with parents of youth with disabilities. Objectives: Participants will be able to: Describe the intimacy desires of youth with...