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What’s Updated in Love Notes 4.0?

NEW Content!*

  • Sex trafficking prevention
  • Navigating Relationships in the Digital Age with additional focus on online sharing, sexting, sextortion, and digital consent.
  • Practice for essential conversations in Getting on the Same Page, which includes an added emphasis on equality, kindness, and caring.
  • Internet Porn: A unique approach using an interview with Billie Eilish.
  • Planning for Success: Making decisions on the personal use of digital/mobile technology, encouraging young people to be in control versus the technology controlling them.
  • Two additional Journal pages have been added – Getting on the Same Page and Problem-Solving & Reflections.
  • To the original discussion of hormones and sexual arousal patterns has been added Safe Sex Re-Imagined.
* No new material has been added to the EBP content. New content is limited to supplemental materials.

Updated Content

  • Strengths-based approach:
    • Participants define for themselves a meaningful context and timing for sex.
    • The Benefits of Deciding
    • The importance of mutuality and being mutually informed so that both partners are on the same page.
    • Greater emphasis on the motivation for young males to be more proactive in STI and pregnancy prevention.
    • Child’s Wish List
    • The positive steps young parents can take to provide bright futures for children.
  • Updated research & stats:
    • Pathways and Sequences to Success
    • Digital technology including texting, sexting, social media
    • Sexual assault prevention
    • Cohabitation—when it’s more or less risky—to help young people make informed decisions.
  • Medically accurate contraception information based on CDC recommendations.
  • Improved some Trusted Adult-Teen Connection activities for more interaction.
  • Many resources and activity cards updated, added, or removed to better fit with updated content.

Changes in Delivery

  • Activities have been streamlined.
  • Videos, music, images are current.
  • Participant Workbooks now called Journals.
  • Student Journal redesigned to improve accessibility for students with learning differences.
  • Scenarios, role plays, and language updated to be more diverse and inclusive
  • Ongoing focus on asset-building through a strength-based framework
  • EBP and supplemental content are integrated into one Instructor’s Manual.