ON DEMAND: Money Habitudes for Teens Facilitator Training

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ON DEMAND: Money Habitudes for Teens Facilitator Training


This is a 2-hour training for facilitators who plan to teach Money Habitudes for Teens.

You will learn from Dibble Training Specialist Dixie Zittlow, how to teach Money Habitudes for Teens both online and in person. This five, lively-lesson program explores how people behave around money, and why this matters to teens – especially in their own lives. 

Money Habitudes for Teens is designed for middle and high school classes, as well as community settings. The course is effective as a stand-alone introduction to money or a companion program for Financial Literacy programs. The scenarios are realistic, reflecting that the students have few resources and often lack even basic financial skills.

This is a recorded series. You can purchase and watch all 2 hours at any time. Your purchase will include an access link to watch the series on the Vimeo platform.

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