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WEBINAR: Beyond the Feds – Proven Fundraising Strategies for Healthy Relationship Programs

Learn proven strategies of raising private money for relationship skills classes with youth. Our panel will discuss a wide variety of methods they have used to fund classes that help teens get smart about their love lives. Presenter Panel:  Carol Jackson, Program Director of Families Matter in Memphis, TN. Erin Stone, Executive Director of Relationship Skills Center in Sacramento, CA. Kathy Schleier, Executive Director of Family Frameworks in Dalton, GA. Resources: July 2014 Webinar PPT


WEBINAR: The Greatest Gift to a Child: A Healthy Parental Relationship

Social Science research has taught us a great deal about how healthy and stable couple relationships matter to children. High rates of unplanned childbearing among teens and young adults are generating more gender, racial and income inequality plus producing profoundly unequal outcomes for children. Webinar attendees will examine: the impact of the parental relationship on children, the benefits a healthy parental union brings to a child and how educators can guide parents to create and sustain a healthy, parental relationship in today’s culture. Presenter: Dixie Zittlow, Director of Outreach, The Dibble Institute Resources: April 2014 Webinar PPT