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Support for Dibble Programs

Factors Associate with Romantic Relationship Self-Efficacy Following Youth-Focused Relationship Education
New study on Relationship Smarts PLUS
Practitioners should carefully consider how the tailoring of program content and delivery to meet the needs of diverse audiences maintains program fidelity and can potentially influence program outcomes. (2018)

Preparing Youth for Success in West Virginia
T.H.I.N.K., overseen by Mission West Virginia Inc., provides evidence-based instruction to high-risk youth and young adults from 12 to 24 years old in a variety of settings, such as middle and high schools, juvenile detention facilities, group homes, residential treatment facilities, and youth emergency shelters in seven counties. The program leverages statistics and messaging that demonstrate how following the success sequence can help them avoid poverty and lay the foundation for success in the future. (2018)

Relationship Smarts PLUS Evaluated at University of Georgia Extension
The University of Georgia Extension delivered the Relationship Smarts Plus program to youth across the state through in-school and after-school settings. From August 30, 2017 to September 3, 2018 a total of 3,013 youth participated in one of 84 programs offered across 30 counties. Majority of the participants felt the program was helpful or very helpful and they were more prepared for relationships in the future. (2018)

Dibble’s 2015-2016 Annual Report
Prevention works! That’s the core belief underscoring The Dibble Institute’s work to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to build healthy relationships both now and in the future. Read about the results of our work in 2015 and 2016. (2017)