Marline Pearson

WEBINAR: Young People’s Experiences and Thoughts on Relationships Today: A conversation with Marline Pearson

Young People’s Experiences and Thoughts on Relationships Today: A conversation with Marline Pearson Many of us wonder about young people’s current lived experience and aspirations regarding their relationships. For instance: Do adolescents still date? Do they still hope for a long-term committed partner or spouse? How are young people thinking about their intimate relationships? How are they visualizing their current or future families? Join Love Notes author and noted thought leader, Marline Pearson, as she shares her experiences and reflections that come from teaching thousands of young people at Madison College, a two-year technical and community college as well as younger teens through STEM and Gateway programs. She will also share the different messages she gives young people from teens to late twenties about how best to approach relationships during those years. Note: This is a conversational format. Please come prepared with questions to ask Marline. Objectives: Participants will be…

WEBINAR: Capture and Motivate: Reigniting Youth Collaborations and Engagement

Capture and Motivate: Reigniting Youth Collaborations and Engagement Kinesthetic learning is the theory that we learn more when we perform an action and less when we read about it in a book. Bee Busy, based in Texas, reignites this way of innovative learning with the youth in their programs. Bee Busy Inc. utilizes social media to guide students through the six Adult Preparation Topics while they learn multimedia skills that unlock hidden talents, which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Students learn about teen pregnancy prevention and relationship education. They then produce media to show what they learn. This same media is then used to reach and teach other teens. Join the Bee Busy Inc. staff to learn how to utilize multimedia production as a positive youth development activity and grow your own youth programs. Objectives: Participants will be able to: Identify ways to utilize multimedia in youth programs Learn from the…


WEBINAR: Three Years Later: The Impact of Relationship Smarts Plus on Youth in Georgia

What happens when you teach teens to navigate their romantic relationships? Is there a difference between boys and girls? Does dose or content matter? Join Drs. Alamillo and Doran of Mathematica as they share the insights of a randomized study of Georgia students who participated in two versions of the Relationship Smarts PLUS program. They will discuss the impact on students’ relationship skills, attitudes, knowledge, experiences, and the quality of their relationships one and three years later. As part of the sustained effort by the Administration for Children and Families to expand available evidence on healthy marriage and relationship education programs, Mathematic and its partner, Public Strategies, conducted the Strengthening Relationship Education and Marriage Services evaluation to help identify strategies for improving the delivery and effectiveness of HMRE programs. (MTCI), near Atlanta, Georgia. MTCI received a federal grant in 2015 to deliver Relationship Smarts PLUS Version 3.0 to youth in high…


SPECIAL WEBINAR: Completely Updated! Love Notes 4.0 and Relationship Smarts PLUS 5.0

For the past 10 years, youth serving programs across the United States have been teaching healthy relationship skills to hundreds of thousands of young people using Relationship Smarts PLUS 4.0 and Love Notes 3.0. Now, The Dibble Institute is excited to announce that both of these evidence-based programs have been updated with brand new information crucial to supporting teens and young adults in today’s world! Both Relationship Smarts PLUS 5.0  and Love Notes 4.0 continue to use a strengths-based, asset building approach to help young people  make wise choices about relationships, sex, and the timing of family formation plus setting a path towards achieving their goals. New and updated contents include: Navigating relationships in the digital age Sex trafficking prevention Consent and sexual assault prevention Unique approach to addressing internet porn Current research, music, videos, images Improved activities for greater engagement and easier facilitation Medical accuracy updates on contraceptive and STI information Objectives:…


WEBINAR: Targeting Teens in Arkansas: Building Better Relationships

With the highest teen pregnancy rates in the United States, Arkansas has a great need for health education centering around pregnancy prevention and healthy relationships. After utilizing Love Notes 3.0 and Love Notes SRA for the last three years, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Outreach Specialists, Sarah Harlan and Charles Maxwell, have encountered barriers common to a rural, conservative environment. But despite those barriers, they have seen growth. Join them during this webinar to hear their experiences and lessons learned in bringing relationship education to teens across their state. Objectives: Webinar participants will be able to: Understand how Love Notes aligns with the mission of Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Understand Arkansas Children’s Love Notes implementation strategies. Gain insights into increasing community partnerships and reaching rural areas with health education. Presenters: Sarah Harlan and Charles Maxwell, Outreach Specialists, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Who should attend: Program managers, educators, practitioners, community workers, and anyone interested in working with youth. When: Wednesday,…


WEBINAR: The Power of Relationship Education for Student Success

Marline Pearson, author of Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS, will make the case why a 4thR is needed for increasing student success. Learn why relationship education must be a central tool to help young people reach their school, work, and family goals by increasing their agency over their love lives. She will cover recent research and share evidence-based solutions to the pressing problems that face today’s youth. Attendees will: Identify at least 2 key reasons why relationship education is key to helping students succeed. Describe current trends that could be reversed by teaching relationship education. Identify 2 evidence based strategies that could be implemented to help students succeed. Presenter: Marline E. Pearson, M.A., Author, Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS. Resources: February 2019 Webinar PPT


WEBINAR: Implementing Erin’s Law Through Relationship Education

Years of research show that robust healthy relationship education can pull many levers in a young person’s life. One sphere it can impact is child sexual abuse prevention. Erin’s Law, passed in 35 states, requires that all public schools implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program.The Mary Black Foundation in South Carolina has used Love Notes to help classrooms meet that requirement. Learn from Anita Barbee, Ph.D. from the University of Louisville, the research underpinnings that make Love Notes such an effective sexual abuse prevention intervention. Then hear from Polly Edwards-Padgett how the Mary Black Foundation selected Love Notes, gained access to the schools, their implementation approach, including funding, and how you can explore doing the same in your state. Objectives: Identify how Love Notes helps in the prevention of sexual abuse. Exam Erin’s Law to see how it has expanded the opportunities for Sexual Abuse Prevention education in the classroom. Hear…


WEBINAR: Completely Updated! Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS

For the past five years, programs across the United States have been teaching healthy relationship skills to thousands of young people through Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 and Love Notes 2.1. Now, The Dibble Institute is excited to announce that both of these evidence-based programs have been updatedwith brand new information crucial to supporting teens and young adults in today’s world! They respond to changing conversations and conditions spurred on by #metoo, #timesup, smart phones, and social media. Relationship Smarts Plus 4.0 and Love Notes 3.0 both feature brand-new, age-appropriate content on: Sexual consent Online pornography Sexting Sexual assault Drugs and alcohol – and their impact on relationships Cyberbullying Relationship Smarts PLUS 4.0 is ideal for younger teens, and Love Notes 3.0 is ideal for older teens and young adults who are at risk of seeing their personal goals derailed by troubled relationships, unplanned pregnancy, and single parenting. Presenter: Marline E. Pearson. M.A., Author, Love Notes and…


WEBINAR: Practical Methods for Implementing Love Notes with Risk-Immersed Youth

Learn from two experienced youth leaders who work with risk immersed youth and young fathers how they successfully implemented Love Notes in their settings. Clay Rojas from California works with young men and women in correctional settings while Avis Files from Ohio supports young fathers in realizing their hopes and dreams for their children and themselves. They will cover ways to 1) build rapport and connections with youth, 2) think outside the box to make concepts fun and interesting, 3) move from skepticism to optimism especially in terms of addressing dating and domestic violence. Presenters: Clay Rojas, Prison Families Aftercare Avis Files, Brothers United Fatherhood Program, Pathway Inc Resources: July 2017 Webinar PPT


WEBINAR: 2016 Highlights in Youth Relationship Education: Trends, Tools, Research, and More!

Join The Dibble Institute’s staff as they share their high-points from last year in the field of youth relationship education. Topics include: Research that relationship education is a potent new tool for pregnancy prevention, Robust relationship education as part of the sexual violence prevention toolkit, New settings for relationship education including corrections, child welfare, and dating violence prevention, New evidence that porn threatens the capacity to build intimacy, and Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) through relationship education. Presenters: The Dibble Institute Staff Resources: Love Notes ACES Poster Love Notes Issue Brief Soft Skills That Foster Workforce Success Teens Technology and Romantic Relationships


WEBINAR: Why “Love Notes” Works as a Relationship-Based Pregnancy Prevention Program

In this webinar, Dr. Anita Barbee, will discuss how the “Theories of Change” in the Love Notes Evidence Based Program Model are effective for adolescent life planning and healthy relationship initiation and maintenance. She will also cover how helping youth think about sex fits into their quest for connection In this webinar you will: Understand how Love Notes is similar to and different from other Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) interventions. Understand the reasons why Love Notes is an effective TPP and IPV prevention intervention and a brief view of research results. Learn the key content in Love Notes regarding life planning, relationship initiation and maintenance, and sexual health. Presenter: Anita Barbee, Ph.D., University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work, Program Director of CHAMPS! Resources: Love Notes Evaluation OAH Study Synopsis of Love Notes


WEBINAR: Introducing At-Risk Youth to Relationship Skills for Love Life, and Work

At-risk youth, like many young people, are eager to build healthy, long lasting relationships. Yet, they lack the confidence and skills to do so. The recently revised Love Notes: Relationship Skills for Love, Life, and Work helps disconnected youth learn those skills to succeed in love, life, and work. Love Notes takes an integrated approach that embeds pregnancy, STI, and interpersonal violence prevention into a comprehensive relationship skills program applicable to personal and work life. Love Notes was recently placed on the Office of Adolescent Health’s list of evidence based pregnancy prevention programs based on its strong results in preventing pregnancies in an evaluation at the University of Louisville. Learn from program developer, Marline Pearson, more about Love Notes and its innovative theory of change that helps at-risk youth learn relationship skills for love, life and work Presenter: Marline E. Pearson, MA, Author of Love Notes and Relationship Smarts Plus 


SPECIAL WEBINAR: Love Notes for OAH Grantees

This webinar will address how OAH grantees can use Love Notes in their programs with youth. Presenters: Tish G. Hall, Public Health Advisor, Office of Adolescent Health Marline E. Pearson, M.A., Developer of Love Notes, Madison Area Technical College Kay Reed, Executive Director, Dibble Institute Anita Barbee, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, CHAMPS! Project, University of Louisville


WEBINAR: I’m In Love! Understanding and Handling Fabulous Love Chemicals

Many of us remember our first crush. Our feet barely touched the ground and we couldn’t get that special someone out of our minds. The feelings of romantic attraction are incredible! Thanks to modern science we now know that most of our “in love” sensations are due to various chemicals naturally coursing through our brains. Join Marlene Pearson, author of Love Notes and Relationship Smarts PLUS, to learn about the brain chemistry behind falling in love and how it affects us. She’ll also explore how to help youth understand what they are feeling, appreciate the positives of the early stages of attraction, and make good relationship and sexual decisions. Presenter: Marline Pearson, Author of Love Notes, v.2.0 and Relationships Smarts PLUS v.3.0. Resources: February 2014 Webinar PPT