Things to Know Before You Go


WEBINAR: Ten Ways for Teens to Improve Their Chances for a Great Romance

Young love lives can be exhilarating, confusing, or even scary. Ten important concepts will help create a fantastic romance. Helpful concepts include; Getting to know what matters most to you. Exercising your power to choose. How pretending can make love messy. Dating someone who doesn’t need a make over. And many more! Specific attention will be given to the skills for bringing these conversations into your work with teens. Presenter: Elsbeth Martindale, PsyD, Author of Things to Know Before You Say, Go! Resources: 21 Early Warning Signs February-2015-Webinar-Resource-List Pretend-cycle Self-Encouragement-Handout Truth-cycle


WEBINAR: Dibble Goes Digital! Our Most Popular Teaching Tools are Online

This webinar will introduce our new online platform – Dibble Digital. Our most popular curricula, activity books, and lessons are now available digitally. The advantages are tremendous! Lesson plans can be quickly searched for specific content You’ll have unlimited access to materials you choose with your subscriptions Free, ongoing upgrades with refreshed content are also included – and more. Learn the many benefits to you and your students of accessing Dibble teaching tools online. Get a virtual tour of the new digital platform. See exactly what the digital products look like and find ways to best use them. Presenters: Kay Reed, Executive Director, The Dibble Institute and Aaron Larson, Dibble Digital Coordinator


WEBINAR: Essential Lessons Learned in Dating: Teaching the Stages of Relationships

Teens often move too quickly in romance. Breaking romantic development down into 4 specific stages can help teens see the path that leads to healthy partnership choices and understand concerns regarding the choice to “Hook-Up”. Each step in this progression has it’s own important tasks. Moving too quickly through stages or skipping stages puts the individual at risk and at a disadvantage. Making these stages, and the accompanying tasks, clear can help young adults slow down, stay curious, identify obstacles, and avoid potential emotional, mental, and physical injury Guest Presenter: Elsbeth Martindale, PsyD, Creator of the card set and activity book: “Things to Know Before You Say Go.”