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PREP Grantee Toolkit

Applicant Toolkit

Great News! Based on a successful five-year federally funded evaluation at the University of Louisville, Love Notes EBP is now on the Office of Adolescent Health’s list of evidence-based approved programs. This means that you now have an evidence based, innovative pregnancy prevention program that works especially well with older, at-risk youth.

Even better Love Notes EBP, which also comes with Love Notes v2.1 Classic, covers five of the six Adult Preparation Topics required by PREP funding. So Love Notes EBP will make it easier for you to comply with PREP requirements and proven to work with the hardest to reach young people.

You, of course, can continue to use Dibble materials to meet the Adult Preparation requirements independent of the pregnancy prevention program you implement. Using evidence-based, engaging materials to teach these essential life skills will ensure that the youth you serve will make healthier life choices.

This Toolkit includes:

Please feel free to contact Dixie Zittlow, PREP Grant Specialist, for strategies for successful implementation and any other questions.