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CYFAR Sustainable Community Projects Toolkit

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture is requesting applications for new Children, Youth and Families At-Risk Sustainable Community Projects (CYFAR) for fiscal year 2024 to marshal resources of the Land-grant and Cooperative Extension Systems so that, in collaboration with other organizations, they can develop and deliver educational programs that equip youth who are at-risk for not meeting basic human needs with the skills they need to lead positive, productive, and contributing lives.

The deadline for this five year grant is February 15, 2024.

From our reading the grant’s requirements, we believe that Dibble’s programs, Love Notes, Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience, and Money Habitudes for Young Adults make great evidence-based interventions for teens that also address CYFAR’s guiding principles.  Our programs have been successfully used by Extension and others who serve youth at-risk.

Below please find tools and grant aids for the CYFAR grant that we hope you will find helpful. Let us know if there is other information that you would find useful.

Email for a free 30-day review copy of any of our programs.

Click on the programs below to learn more about each one.

Tools for Your Application

Mental Health in Rural New Mexico

New Mexico Extension Services are utilizing Mind Matters in their outreach to improve mental health and stress coping skills among farmers and ranches in rural New Mexico.

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Violence and Child Abuse Prevention Case Study
4-H Extension Case Study

The Dibble Institute has clients across the country and in territories effectively and successfully delivering relationship skills programs to youth leading challenging lives. If you are looking for a community partner or community sites, we would be pleased to introduce you to people doing great work on the ground. Please call Kay Reed at 800-695-7975 x700 to begin the conversation!

Dibble programs support the required Community Component of CYFAR funding.

Love Notes includes a Trusted Adult Connection with each lesson, which helps the young person engage in conversation with their parent, guardian, or other ally. This supports the Multi-Level Approach because it targets adults beyond the program’s primary target of youth and young adults.

Mind Matters can be used effectively with teens 12 and up, as well as their parents/guardians. It has also been successfully used as a professional development course for agency staff and facilitators who implement the Mind Matters programs. Additionally, we have a model from Columbia County, OR that used Mind Matters across the community – in schools, with parents, and with first responders – in a community collaboration approach.

Money Habitudes decks are available for adults from the publisher at Again, this supports the Multi-Level Approach.

Funding Opportunity Report

Personalized Funding Opportunities For Your Organization

Finding new funds for your programs can be frustrating and time-consuming. Our Dibble Team is ready to research opportunities on behalf of your organization, curating a personalized list of funding without the hassle for your staff. Your Funding Opportunity Report will provide all the relevant information needed to choose new funding opportunities, build relationships with the funder, and begin the application process when funds are made available. Complete the form below to request this service for your organization. Average fulfillment time is 2-3 weeks.

Funding Opportunity Report includes:

  • A relevant list of opportunities for your organization at Federal, State, and Local Levels
  • Description of each grant or other funding type
  • Relevant dates, deadlines, and information to apply
  • A comprehensive list of Dibble resources to support your application
  • A one-on-one meeting with Dibble staff to review the report and talk about next steps

Training Fees for Love Notes and Mind Matters are based on a 3-day in person or 5-day virtual training with a Dibble Training Specialist. Single or Multigroup training fees are $6,995 (for up to 25 seats) or $995 per person for individual seats. Please budget an additional $2,500 in estimated travel expenses per Training Specialist.

Call 800-695-7975 x200 for customized training quotes or further questions. 

A three hour training for facilitators in Money Habitudes for Young Adults is on-demand and available for $49 per person.

The Dibble Institute would be pleased to sign a Letter of Support/Commitment with you as part of your grant application. To start the process, please send an email to  with the following information:

  • Your completed Budget for Training and Materials
  • What program(s) you plan to use
  • A brief overview of your project – setting, audience, proposed timing of instruction (how many hours/days/weeks), number of youth reached, and instructional hours
  • Community sites and collaborator plans
  • How you plan to implement with fidelity and what adaptations, if any, you propose.