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YouthBuild Toolkit

Applicant Toolkit

Love Notes 3.0 Classic can help you effectively meet the YouthBuild Program Design and Performance Standards (2013).

Empowering young people to make positive relationship decisions as well as learn healthy relationship skills for personal, family, academic, and professional settings helps to achieve YB’s mission, program design, and performance standards.

Love Notes meets YB standards and competencies through developing members’ leadership in personal relationships – with partners, co-parents, children, family members, supervisors, peers, and friends. LN is especially useful during Mental Toughness as relationship-building is often the emphasis of this make-or-break-period.

The Department of Labor made the following remarks in response to comments on the YouthBuild grant regulations:

“Another commenter recommended that funding rules should allow YouthBuild sites to offer relationship skills training so that participants may learn communication skills and problem solving skills. The commenter believes this will help young people acquire necessary skills and keep jobs they may get with the skills learned through YouthBuild participation. 

We agree with the importance of offering relationship skills training for YouthBuild participants. Many of the young people who eventually enter YouthBuild lack the communication skills needed to build strong interpersonal and work-centered relationships. In our experience, the development of these ‘‘soft’’ skills is critical to participant success in the workforce once an individual leaves Youth Build. Therefore, at § 672.310(a)(3), we provide for employment and leadership skills training to encourage positive social behaviors, which includes the type of training suggested by the commenter.”