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Workforce Development Case Study

Workforce Development Case Study

Organization: Family Resources, Inc., Pinellas Park, Florida


Program Name: Job Corps of Pinellas – Leadership Class

Funding: Office of Family Assistance, Administration for Children and Families

Problem Solved:Meeting the Job Corps leadership requirement. Developing employability and “soft” skills.

Curricula used: Love Notes and Money Habitudes

Curricula benefits: Meets all three levels of Job Corps leadership requirement. Covers how relationships impact your work.

Target Audience: Risk immersed, youth and young adults who may be completing their GED or diploma and learning job skills.

Audience Demographics: Typically ages 18-25. 50/50 blend of genders. African American, Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian. 15-20% are parents.

Class size: No more than 25 in a class.

Location of Instruction: Job Corps program site (Job Corps Leadership Class)

Length of Instruction: All the materials are covered in 16 sessions. Four days a week for four weeks for 60-75 minutes. Students are assigned to class. New cohort starts every four weeks.

Money Habitudes is covered in the last session.

Instructors: Family Resource Instructors. Planning to bring Job Corps counselors in to help with Trusted Adult Connections.

Student Workbooks: Students may take them home but have the option to leave at school. It’s up to the student. We stock extra workbooks.

Recruitment Process: Enroll 30 to end up with 25. Meets required leadership class. Family Resource staff attend Job Corps enrollment fair to promote class. Retention was not an issue because it is a required class.

Incentives to Students: Job Corps pays participants to complete required classes

Outcomes: Intern who had steady girlfriend realized that their relationship was not on a healthy track. He went over the Love Notes workbook with her. He wanted to be committed and slow things down. He got a job. He has assisted facilitators as intern to lead activities. He has taken leadership on at work. Last news: they are still in a relationship with better communications and growing together.

Unique Implementation: Community service is a requirement for Job Corps students.Some return to the leadership class to lead Love Notes activities with their peers. Students can also serve by helping Family Resources teach Love Notes at community organizations.

Challenges: Job Corps site administration continually changing. Ways to handle:

  • Family Resources doesn’t go away
  • Capture student feedback to show new administration
  • Make personal contact with new administration
  • Keep in touch with people in charge, especially the academic program

Tips: Keep extra pens and workbooks because students forget.

Build rapport with students in class so they begin to report what they learn to their counselors and friends.

Offer to do movie night to see Antwone Fischer (the organization brings popcorn)

Expand discussion of the personality test. Have a monthly meeting to go deeper into their personality.

Keep providing things that keep young people engaged.

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