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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month!

Although declining, the rates of teenage pregnancy are still far above most western nations. Support your local and national youth by encouraging and preparing them for sexual decision-making and pacing that will effect both them and their families.

Building an Intervention Program

The Love Notes program has been evaluated at the University of Louisville as an innovative pregnancy prevention strategy for at-risk youth. The Love Notes participants were 46% less likely to experience a pregnancy as compared with the control group. Its theory of change hypothesizes that preventing pregnancy must expand beyond teaching young people about the scope of contraceptive options. Rather, interventions must build young people’s skills for cultivating healthy relationships, selves, and sexual behaviors: planning and pacing relationships and sex, self-efficacy and resilience around relationships, proven communication skills, and understanding how family formation impacts children.

Other organizations have also used Relationship Smarts PLUS , a comprehensive Relationship Education program covering pertinent Pregnancy Prevention topics like intimacy and sexual decision-making, and how the order of school, commitment, and babies impacts your future.

Webinars with TPP intervention Strategies

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