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Teen Pregnancy Prevention 2019 Toolkit

Applicant Toolkit

The Office of Adolescent Health has just announced the following Cooperative agreement. Replication of Programs Proven Effective through Rigorous Evaluation to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy, Behavioral Risk Factors Underlying Teenage Pregnancy, or Other Associated Risk Factors (Tier 1) Phase I. Submission deadline is April 15Learn more.

Love Notes Sexual Risk Avoidance Adaptation (SRA) Evidence Based Program (EBP) is the version of Love Notes that meets all the criteria of this funding announcement because it complies with SRA criteria and is evidence based.

Love Notes EBP is the only evidence-based curriculum (program) that HHS has evaluated that both reduces adolescents’ risk for experiencing a pregnancy by 46% and also has positive outcomes for helping sexually active teens to decrease their frequency of sexual activity. More teens who were taught Love Notes stopped having sex and chose to remain abstinent compared to the control group.

Love Notes SRA EBP is implementation ready.  It is also medically accurate, age appropriate for ages 15-19, culturally and linguistically appropriate, and trauma-informed. Love Notes SRA EBP does not normalize teen sex.

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The Dibble Institute is  pleased to sign an MOU with you as part of your grant application.

We will only sign an MOU with organizations implementing the Love Notes SRA/EBP program because we believe it meets all the requirements of this funding opportunity.

To help us understand your plans, please send an email with the following information:

  1. A brief overview of your project – setting, populations targeted, proposed timing of instruction (how many hours/days/weeks), number of instructional hours
  2. Recruitment/retention plan
  3. Evaluation approach and proposed research question(s)
  4. How you plan to implement with fidelity and what adaptations, if any, you propose.